What we do

Our bouquet of services is tailored to help clients put up a high-performance facility that is in tune with their requirements and at the same time, is in harmony with the environment. Our services ensure that we are able to support clients at different stages of the life-cycle of a facility.We look at design holistically. We use our expertise in various aspects of facility-design and management to give clients recommendations that are right for their project – be it through our designs, master-planning strategy, audits or retrofits.

Sustainable Masterplan and Building Design strategy

We help develop a comprehensive strategy for future-proofing, that integrates the principles of sustainability into the master plan.

This allows for adaptation to climate change and provides flexibility for future development. We are sensitive to the local environment. This gives us innovative opportunities to locate buildings so as to minimize the disturbance to the environment. This way, they are able to harness natural forces and perform with reduced energy and water demand.

We optimize the building’s design based on the local conditions and client’s requirements. This, in turn, minimizes energy requirement for cooling, heating and artificial lighting. The building’s design is optimized by evaluating and integrating passive methods to minimize unwanted heat gains, maximize natural cooling and heating (where needed) and maximize the availability and use of glare-free daylight.

Finally, we also evaluate opportunities to integrate large-scale renewable energy solutions into the design of the master plan.

MEP Engineering

We believe that a good concept is only as good as its delivery.

Our building services engineering makes sure that systems perform in the manner in which they have been conceptualized. We look at every opportunity to optimize system efficiencies and the use of resources.

Engineering ensures that systems are simple, maintainable and robust, while being extremely efficient. We work on a BIM platform and develop all engineering drawings on Revit. Clashes between the various building components are detected early and resolved on the Revit models, thereby saving valuable time and cost which would otherwise have been spent later.

We offer support during the installation and commissioning process through periodic audits on site quality and commissioning, in order to ensure that the systems perform as planned. We help develop commissioning protocols which then serve as the basis for future Measurement & Verification (M&V).

When required, we offer our clients technical support to continuously optimize operations and keep operational costs at a minimum.

Energy Audits
and Commissioning

An energy audit at Veratatva is not just a report.

We provide an in-depth analysis of energy-saving opportunities and help develop baselines that could potentially serve as benchmarks for other such facilities. Being a design team that also has the experience of executing projects, our advice is not merely conceptual, but also practical. We have the ability to put our retrofit recommendations through a detailed design process, which helps clients in getting them executed.

We assist in post-construction Measurement & Verification and provide expert advice on operational optimization.

We also undertake whole building commissioning projects and post-occupancy studies.

Retrofit Engineering

Our deep understanding of how facilities work helps us engineer retrofits within the demands of space & time.

Each design is tailor-made and target-driven. We detail out the services on Revit, so that clashes can be anticipated and valuable time saved during execution.

Besides design, our team has experience in Operations and Maintenance, which ensures that it is possible to execute the proposed design within the available time frames.